New Product Introduction Engineering

SkyeChip products are developed to maximize supply chain efficiency and predictability with robust yields

SkyeChip’s expertise goes beyond IP and ASIC design. Our team of NPI experts will ensure proper new product introduction that is crucially tied to your product’s successful launch. The NPI team specialize in rapid prototyping and NPI services. Customers can fully rely on us from initial design analysis through productization readiness. This is achieved by ensuring the new products meet the specifications, pass the quality and reliability requirements, characterized to identify the optimum process target, and ready for stable and predictable production.

SkyeChip NPI Team

  • Mask Tooling
  • Fabrication and silicon out tracking
  • Substrate and piece parts procurement
  • Coordination of vendors, hardware delivery, and Assembly of Prototypes
  • First silicon and split lots ordering and management
  • Test & Sort pattern development
  • Test & Sort hardware development
  • First silicon checkout
  • PVT characterization
  • ATE vs System correlations
  • Product qualification
  • Split lots definition
  • Test program development and release
  • Fab Process recipe identification
  • MTTF & FIT estimation through reliability model
  • Test yield improvement
  • Production test management

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