SkyeChip Benefits

SkyeChip Benefits

About Your Health

Our employees’ well-being is an essential element to business success. Even though SkyeChip is a startup, we put priority in providing comprehensive and competitive health benefits to our employees, comparable to other global technology companies.

Medical Insurance
The company provides a comprehensive health insurance which covers Hospitalization & Surgical, Term Life & Total Permanent Disability, and Personal Accident

In addition, the company also subsidize 50% of the insurance cost if the employee opt to include his/her dependent(s) into the group insurance scheme

Dental, Optical, and Health Screening
Employees are eligible for up to RM500 per calendar year for the reimbursement of dental and/or optical and/or Health Screening for themselves, legal spouse and/or child(ren). Employees 40 years and above are eligible for an additional RM500 per calendar year to be used only for reimbursement of personal Health Screening.

Outpatient Benefits
Employees are also eligible for up to RM1000 per calendar year for the reimbursement of outpatient care for themselves, legal spouse and/or children.


SkyeChip values our great asset and we design our pay package to reflect that.

We want our employees to focus on accelerating technology innovation rather than financial security.

We pay competitively to recruit, retain and reward talents. It is our belief that as a technology company,  we win through innovation and technical leadership, and not through a non-competitive pay structure.

We reward our employees through base pay and performance related bonuses.

In SkyeChip you can expect a timely reward for your attainment of next level of performance and contribution. We make salary adjustment without a HR calendar.


We know our employees work hard. It is important that you take time away to recharge and refresh, and have time to celebrate the special events that are important to you sipirtirually, culturally or personaly.

When we work, we really work,
But when we play, we really PLAY.

The Company observes the 16 Gazetted Public Holidays in each calendar year, offers Paid Time Off that accrue based on on years of service, and other leaves that based based on industry practices.

About Stock Options

Sharing Companies Success as startup Share Holders

In SkyeChip we offer generous Stock Options for our key employees. We believe this is the most effective way of aligning our employees, who are also the shareholders, to maximize company performance and growth of the company.

More importantly, this is the most direct way of sharing company success with our employees. The same Silicon Valley way.