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Positions Available

Logic Design Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • As a member of our Digital Design team, you will collaborate with architects, design verification engineers, software engineers, and circuit designers to and deliver world-class solutions
  • Responsible for the logic and/or verification of the design including RTL design, synthesis, verification plan reviews and timing analysis using leading edge CAD tools on the latest process technologies
  • Day to day tasks include: writing readable high performance and low power RTL, synthesis and timing closure, execute test/coverage plans, design verification and debug, and work with physical design engineers to achieve best timing, area, performance and power goals
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Design Verification Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • As a member of our Digital Design team, you will collaborate with architects, logic design engineers, software engineers, and circuit designers to and deliver world-class solutions.
  • Responsible for the verification of the design and executing functional verification using leading edge CAD tools on the latest process technologies
  • Define and create test plans for RTL validation, develop coverage-driven system verilog/UVM test benches
  • Run both RTL and gate-level simulations and regressions, debug and implement corrective measures for failing tests
  • Capacity could include full chip/system functional verification (defining verification strategies, methodologies and test plan to enable effective verification)
  • Work with design engineers to perform logic synthesis and equivalence check
  • Collaborate with design engineers of other discipline on the overall IP implementation
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Circuit Design Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Work as part of a team to design and implement high speed interfaces and complex mixed-signal circuits using state-of-the-art sub-micron CMOS technologies and various EDA tools.
  • High speed analog and hybrid Phase Locked loops and associated subblocks including VCO, charge-pump, dividers, state machines, LDO, bandgap, TDC, interpolator circuits, high speed buffers etc.
  • Contribute to architecture development and transistor level circuit design of high performance RX/TX and associated blocks like VREG, comparators, digital state machines  for DDR/HBM memory interfaces
  • Work closely with mask design engineers to deliver the physical design as well as work with characterization groups for silicon evaluation.
  • Perform architecture studies, circuit designs & simulations, floor-planning, instructing mask designers, reliability verifications and silicon bring-up.
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Physical Design Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Responsible for unit/block/chip level RTL to GDSII Physical design activities at block and/or CPU level.
  • Collaborate with the microarchitecture and RTL teams to achieve aggressive performance, power, and area (PPA) goals.
  • PD activities includes floor plans, global signal planning, Synthesis, Place and Route, Static Timing Analysis, block/chip level integrations.
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Custom Layout Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Perform physical layout for mixed-signal functions like PLL’s, high speed I/O circuits, general I/O’s, ESD structure designs in state-of-the-art sub-micron CMOS technologies using EDA tools.
  • You will work with ASIC and mixed-signal engineers to customize designs for integration in VLSI products.
  • Job duties will include floor planning, custom layout, RC extraction, EM & IR drop, DRC’s & schematic to layout verification.
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Software Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Define and develop software architecture to optimize system performance for ASICs, SoCs and FPGAs
  • Define and develop system modeling architecture for state-of-the-art memory and interconnect IP architectures
  • Define and develop graphical user interface for system level optimizations
  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.
  • Determine operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.
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Design Automation Engineers (Senior/Intermediate)

  • Develop and test design engineering automation tools, create flows/scripts to automate design methodologies for digital, circuit, physical design and layout
  • Evaluate EDA vendor capabilities to provide the required products or services
  • Collaborate with design teams on methodology development to improve design and development efficiency
  • Create custom tool flow and regression automation
  • Understanding of layout design rules for advanced process nodes, circuits and Verilog preferred
  • Good understanding in scripting/programming languages such as Python, TCL, Perl and C++ preferred
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Silicon Package Design Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Develop package and platform routing guidelines, with opportunity to work on advance 2.5D CoWoS packaging technology
  • Definition and evaluation of circuit design features required to support interconnect performance requirements
  • Drive and define the key enablers to deliver product landing zone for SIPI performance
  • Perform signal and power routing on package substrate, component or die placement on the package substrate inclusive of extraction, simulation, analysis and validation of package signal and power integrity
  • Perform time/frequency domain power integrity simulations and validate the simulation results.
  • Interface with operation team and OSAT to engage with substrate design rules review and package assembly schedule
  • Collaborate with silicon design team to review die bump floorplan and interface with customer engineering to understand the design requirements
  • Perform RLCD and S-parameter extraction, simulations and analysis.
  • Creation of signal measurement test plans and review of measurement results
  • Characterization data validated against spec and collaborate fixes if needed to feedback on the next derivation silicon
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DFT/DFD/DFM Engineers (Senior/Intermediate/Junior)

  • Define and execute DFT strategy and methodologies
  • Define test structures, debug structures, test plans for complex IP blocks and products
  • Create test vectors or oversee their creation
  • Collaborate with architecture, design, circuits and physical design team to close DFT/DFD/DFM requirements for IPs and products
  • Validate DFT requirements are being met
  • Work with designers to increase test coverage, debug observability and flexibility
  • Verify post-PD designs meet DFT requirements
  • Work with test personnel, stepping in to do run tests when needed
  • Hands-on experience with commercial test generation tools and strong fundamental knowledge DFT techniques preferred
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