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Advanced ASIC Development

SkyeChip ASIC team consists of highly accomplished IC designers with successful careers in designing multiple generations of Microprocessors, Chipsets, ASICs, FPGAs and SoCs. The team accumulated over 400 years of experience in designing IC products for high-volume manufacturing on 65nm through 7nm process nodes. The team’s expertise encompasses all aspects of IC development from definition, design, silicon checkout and qualification to productization, including architecture, micro-architecture, logic design, circuit design, custom layout, test and product engineering.


IP + Turnkey

Joint Design

SkyeChip’s advanced 7nm ASIC is optimized for power, performance and area, giving our customers greater design flexibility and a significant competitive edge.

6nm/7nm/16nm PDK Access

Design Experience

Multiple CPU Generations

Multiple Chipset Generations

Multiple Advanced FPGA Generations

High Performance and Programmable IPs

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